As soon as you call us we get to know you. We want to take care of you, your family and your home, long term.

Fact finding

You’ve got a leaky tap, a tired kitchen, or a leaky shower. Whether your job is simple or complicated we don’t leave things to chance. When you call us we’ll ask you:

What do you want done?

We’ll get an idea of what you’re after, although some of this is better discussed when we visit.

When do you want the work done?

Usually this is “right away please!” and if you just need a plumber we’ll fit you in soon. If you’re after something bigger like a major renovation, you could be waiting for anything from a few weeks to a number of months.

Why? Because renovations involve a number of people and they all have to be available at the right time. You don’t want your job stalled and waiting, and we won’t let you go there.

Is anyone else already involved in the job?

We don’t mind, we just need to know so we can work with them as a team.

What’s your budget?

We’re used to working with budgets and we take care to cost every detail of a job. While we can’t eliminate all surprises, with many years of experience we usually know what to expect.

We’re realistic. If we think your budget you won’t give you what you want, we’ll tell you. If you need to make hard choices about how best to spend your budget, we’ll help you make the best choices you can.

Best customer service – you can’t go wrong

Highly recommended. One of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had. Tamaiti was everything a plumber/gas fitter should be and is a leading example. Reliable, hard-working, friendly, and knows his stuff. Tamaiti even picked up some extra points by pointing out that the mains gas outside our house is rusty and needs replacing at the meter – and that our earth wire for electricity need investigation due to degradation and old style hook up. SUPER impressed – you can’t go wrong using this guy. ~ Phill

A rough idea about costs over the phone

If the work you need done is simple and only needs a plumber we can usually tell you costs over the phone. If you agree with the cost, we just come round and do the work.

While we don’t do our full Initial Site Visit Checklist for small maintenance jobs, we do still ask a few basic questions about the age and condition of your house, your pipe work, and your appliances. If any potential issues appear we can give you advice on what to do.

If your job is more complex we can probably still give you an idea about costs over the phone. But we’ll need to visit to see exactly what you want, and what we’re dealing with.

A service check for your plumbing

If you’re planning a renovation or other major work, when we first visit your place we’ll go through our Initial Site Visit Checklist to check your plumbing thoroughly. Knowing exactly what we’re dealing with means we give you the best advice about what will suit your existing system.

Our Initial Site Visit Checklist is long, and gives you the benefit of our many years of experience. Here’s a sample of what we check:

  • The general health of your plumbing, roof and drains
  • Wear and tear on your major appliances so you can plan for replacement
  • Anything that looks like it might be a ‘tin of worms’ waiting to be discovered
  • Your water and/or gas pressure
  • Ease of access to places where work needs to be done
  • Any safety hazards that need to be managed
  • And on and on …

This checklist is a living document and as our clients’ needs grow so does the checklist. We make a point of keeping up to date with current trends, products on the market and client needs.

Clear costings and great service

By now we’ll have a good idea what your job will cost. If you’re happy to proceed, then we’ll nail down the details so you know exactly what to expect.

Dealing with cost unknowns

If unknowns exist in your job we can estimate them for you or give you a range of how much it might cost. This is more commonly known as a PC Sum or Price Cost Summary.

If we find something is going to cost more than expected you’ll know soon after we do. We always keep you in the loop so you can stay in charge and make informed decisions.

Excellent, responsive, transparent and accountable service

I was very happy with the business skills of 4CET Plumbing and Gas. My job became difficult during implementation and was on the high side of the estimate. I asked for an explanation as to what had happened. Response the following day with a full break down of the job and time and decisions and why (very impressive) Also an attitude to resolve any other concerns I might have. I am now living in Auckland and this allowed us an understanding, complete satisfaction and the ability to get the invoice paid promptly. Tamaiti’s customer service is excellent. ~ Mark

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