4CET Plumbing and Gas is a family owned business with a wide range of services. Established in 2011, and with over 15 years combined experience in the plumbing trade, we offer you great solutions for your plumbing requirements.


We’ve done the rounds and we’ve seen it all. More importantly we’ve collected our experience into our Initial Site Visit Checklist so nothing is left to chance. We’ve learned not to assume anything, or take anything for granted.

We’ve learned the only rule is that whatever rule you think applies, today might be the day you meet the exception to that rule. So we take care, every time.

Honest and upfront

We’ll always be straight with you. If we can do your job we’ll tell you what we think it will cost and we’ll let you know if anything changes. We’ll also tell you why.

If we can’t do your job we won’t pretend we can. Instead we’ll refer you to somebody we trust who can look after you.

We know good people

Need a good builder, electrician, tiler, draughtsperson, architect? We can put you in touch with tradespeople we trust to treat you well.

We’re organised

Fergus is our friend! Fergus is our record keeping system and he helps us keep track of absolutely everything, including:

  • Who you are and your contact details
  • All of our calls and conversations, agreements, questions etc.
  • Jobs that we’ve done for you over time – so you don’t have to remind us what we did before
  • Other tradespeople involved in the job, who they are and how to contact them
  • Plans, specifications, photographs, all information relevant to your job
  • And on and on …

No matter whether we’re on a job site, or answering your call out of hours when the toilet just blocked up, Fergus tells us everything we need to know.

Community and family

4CET is a family oriented business. Our kids are growing up and like many parents we run them around to after school activities like sports practice and dance class. We even help the kids at Johnsonville Rugby Club with coaching and practical support, so things get a bit frantic at the start of the rugby season!

We’ve been working with some of our clients for long enough to see their kids grow up. Some of them go to school with ours.

We want to see your kids growing up too, and keep your home (and you) healthy and happy over the years. We like our customers to become our long term friends.

Health and safety

We’re committed to getting your job done safely and well. Our Initial Site Visit Checklist prompts us to check for any hazards we need to manage. If we find any we take care to manage them properly according to our Industry standard.

We use the right tools for the job and if we’re missing something we need we go and get it. We’d rather have a short delay than an incident. And if the job needs several pairs of hands, we make sure we have enough people around.

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