It’s just a bathroom, right? Surely the plumber can do it all? Maybe not.

Who needs to be involved?

Renovating the second smallest room in your house can involve a surprisingly long list of tradespeople. You might need:

  • Builder
  • Electrician
  • Floorer
  • Tiler
  • Plasterer
  • Painter
  • Architect or draughtsperson.

Now if your head is starting to spin, relax. We can help you work out who needs to be on your team. We’ve got this!

We can scope out your whole bathroom renovation from scratch, including all the sub-trade work. So you just ask us and we take care of it.

On the other hand if you’ve already got other sub-trades people you want to use we’re happy to work with them. The more good people we add to our network, the more we can be sure you get the best sub trades in town for your work.

Bathroom plumbing basics

Put simply, bathroom plumbing happens in two stages:

Pre-pipe: Without going into too much detail, this means we modify and install pipes – in the wall or under the floor – which supply your bathroom fixtures and appliances. We can also remove any which aren’t needed. If building consent applies to your job you’ll need Council signoff to proceed further.

Fit-off and finishing: floors and walls are covered and finished, and then we install the fixtures themselves. Council may need to inspect this part too.

Pitfalls to avoid

Some clients try to save on budget by doing part of the finishing work themselves or getting a handy builder friend to help after hours. This may seem like a great idea but in practice it doesn’t work well. Here’s why.

Pitfall 1: The weekend builder holdup

Having a builder friend helping at night or on the weekend will slow your project down and cost you more in the long run. Reason being, if you want the pre-pipe stage of your job ready for inspection without delay, your plumber and builder need to work side by side, and that’s generally only going to happen during normal working hours.

If you ask us about bathroom renovation, straight up we’ll ask whether you have this option in mind. If you do we’ll either say sorry we can’t do your job this time, or we’ll suggest alternatives.

Pitfall 2: The occasional painter botch-up

Everyone who uses your bathroom will see the finished product. So unless you’re a seasoned professional, be aware that home handy-man paint jobs can look bad.

Painting in bathrooms is a science to get right. This means if you want a great finish you need a competent and experienced painter. After all the money and effort you’ve put in to build a great bathroom, our best advice is – see it through with the finishing.

We’ve worked with clients who against our advice decided to do their own painting and it didn’t turn out well. Don’t go there!

Waiting time

You might be surprised how long you need to wait before we can do your job. It could be a week or three, a couple of months, or occasionally even longer.

It’s not just about our availability. All of your sub trades need to be available at the right time to get your job done efficiently and with minimal disruption to you. The last thing you want is a two week wait without a bathroom!

Surprising and unexpected bathroom renovation costs

When we first talk through a bathroom project you might be surprised at how costs add up. Maybe you need a new shower unit, vanity, bath and toilet, all with new tapware. Even the combined cost of these can be surprising, never mind tiling or electrical work.

What about waterproofing, or needing to change some structural elements in a wall and reline it afterwards, or Building Consent costs? And what if during our Initial Site Visit Check we find your flooring needs replacing or there’s rot in the walls?

We take great care to nail down as many costs as we can before we start. And if something unexpected crops up mid-job we let you know pronto. We work out your options every step of the way so you can make informed decisions about what you want to do.

Excellent, responsive, transparent and accountable service

I was very happy with the business skills of 4CET Plumbing and Gas. My job became difficult during implementation and was on the high side of the estimate. I asked for an explanation as to what had happened. Response the following day with a full break down of the job and time and decisions and why (very impressive). Also an attitude to resolve any other concerns I might have. I am now living in Auckland and this allowed us an understanding, complete satisfaction and the ability to get the invoice paid promptly. Tamaiti’s customer service is excellent. ~ Mark

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