We are licenced plumbers and gas fitters, which means we can clear drains when they block up and make emergency repairs if required. If your drains need more than this you need a drain layer, and we know some great drain layers – just ask and we’ll put you in touch. We can:

  • Sort out blocked or leaking storm-water pipe/drains
  • Organise and work with professional CCTV Drainage Inspections and Drain Clearing, using Jet Flushing equipment when needed.

Whatever your need to keep water where it’s supposed to be, we can help. Just give us a call.

Flushing basics

This might seem obvious but we’re going to say it anyway.

A. Don’t flush sanitary items, wet wipes or nappies down your toilet.

B. Do flush number ones, number twos and toilet paper – that’s all!

Drain versus tree

A family of four had a badly blocked drain. Usually we can clear blockages using a hand plunger or a drainage rod, but this one just wasn’t moving. So we called some of our trusted sub trades for help.

A special CCTV camera went down the drain and revealed the cause – a major root intrusion from a native hardwood tree. Next we used location detecting equipment to map the drain and precisely locate the issue.

We dug up the drain and exposed the pipe work. The drain layer removed the damaged section and laid a new section of drain in its place. Then the drain was tested and the CCTV Camera used again to inspect the entire drain, right up to where it connected with Council infrastructure.

Now the drain works well! And for future reference the client has a detailed plan of where their drain runs, and at what depth it has been laid. Problem solved.

Drain maintenance tips

Here are some helpful tips for keeping things flowing as they should.

  • Listen to your drains when they’re in use. What do you hear? If it’s bubbling or gurgling that’s not good. Get it checked out before the noise stops!
  • Use your nose – is there a funny smell? Something could be building up or not draining properly somewhere. Get it checked.
  • Check your gully trap. Smell bad? Your gully trap’s job is to keep bad smells away so if it’s not doing its job check it out. Also check for any signs of toilet paper around the gully trap, this can be another indicator something is wrong.
  • Have a CCTV camera drain inspection every year or two.
  • If you have roots in your drains and they get cleared, you will need regular drain maintenance to keep them under control.
  • Some older earthenware drains will need replacing when they are around 50-years old, or even sooner depending on earth movement and root intrusion.
  • Plant trees away from drains.
  • If you build a concrete driveway over a drain be sure to include drain inspection openings in accessible locations.
  • Avoid pouring coffee grinds into the sink.

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