No matter what the time of day or night if things turn ugly call us on 022 0706 362.

Whatever just burst, broke, flooded or blocked, we can almost always sort you out at the time. At the very least we’ll put something in place to get you through until we can do a full repair job.

Whatever happened, we’ll take care of your emergency and then we’ll fix the cause of the problem.

“I was very impressed with this business on first emergency call out – which then lead to repeat business with them because I felt they were reliable and trusted.” ~ Graeme

What to do in an emergency

Don’t panic.

We know it’s scary, now stop and count to ten.

And try these quick tips for common emergencies.

Burst pipe? Turn off your water toby, then turn on an outside hose to drain the water out of your pipes.
Don’t know where your water toby is? Make friends with your water toby.

No hot water? Check your switchboard for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If you find one, maybe you just had a power surge.
If you reset the circuit breaker and everything seems fine that’s great. Please do get an electrician round to check things out if you’re unsure, particularly if the fuse keeps on blowing. Something’s going on so don’t ignore it. Get an electrician round, pronto.
If the circuit breaker pops straight back out again you know there’s a problem. Give us a call.

Blocked toilet? Do you have more than one toilet in your house?
If you do, give the working toilet a flush or two. With luck this downstream flush may suck the blockage out of the other toilet.

Blocked sewer? Clearing your blockage happens easier if you know where your drain inspection openings are. Have a copy of Council or ‘as built’ drainage plans onsite so we can check these when we arrive to clear the blockage. We can access Council plans online, but any information you can give us is helpful.

If you’ve previously had a blocked drain cleared chances are you’ll have this information already.

Cylinder sorted on public holiday

We used Tamaiti as part of our bathroom renovation. He was excellent, tidy and prompt. Our water cylinder gave up the ghost and started leaking ironically a week before the new infinity system was due to be put in. Tamaiti came out straight away on a public holiday to shut it off and then rescheduled his calendar to install the new system early so we could get hot water back. We will definitely be using Tamaiti again and would recommend him to anyone. ~ Cameron

Quickly back into hot water

It was great luck I had Tamaiti’s number when our aged gas hot water cylinder stopped working. He came around quickly and sorted it so we had hot water again. He didn’t even bill me because he was driving by and I’m a local. He helped me understand what the problem was so I can safely manage it myself until I’m ready to replace the appliance. I know who I’m going to call. ~ Maddy, Newlands

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