Whatever you need done with gas we can do it because we’re fully qualified gas fitters. We can set up your new gas connection and we’re happy to check, maintain and install:

  • Gas hot water heaters – both Storage and Continuous Flow hot water units
  • Gas hobs and ovens
  • Gas heating
  • LPG bottle installations and LPG appliances.

Tired of your old hot water cylinder?

If you have an old hot water cylinder (20-65 years old) it’s costing you money 24/7. It takes energy to keep all that water hot.

We can convert it to an Instantaneous Continuous Flow Water heater (such as an Infinity System) which only heats water when you turn on the hot tap.

For best efficiency we’ll put your new unit in the location that most suits your existing hot water reticulation system.

Sometimes we’ve seen a new unit installed in a place that was easy for the plumber, but a long way from where the water was needed. This approach is cheaper up front but it costs you money in the long run and we won’t recommend it.

Hot water back on fast

Sometimes a major issue only requires a minor fix. An aged gas hot water cylinder’s pilot flame kept going out. The client was used to starting it manually, but suddenly couldn’t at all.

A quick assessment showed the ignition striker had become disconnected, hence the pilot flame wouldn’t light. We fixed that and hot water was back! Then we explained options for replacement and how to safely keep the cylinder going in the meantime.

The ‘no parts’ snag

A final point – the cylinder was so old we couldn’t get replacement parts. We always do our best but sometimes the only option is to replace the appliance.

Choosing the right appliance

You want a new gas hob, oven or heater. You start to research available appliances and the questions stack up:

  • With all the options available is it worth buying the most expensive brand, or are you just buying a fancy label?
  • Aside from cost, which appliance is best suited to your needs?
  • Is the appliance safe, reliable and user friendly?
  • Is the appliance easy to service?
  • Will parts be available five or ten years from now when things start to wear?
  • Bottom line, which appliance will serve you best over the long run?

You end up needing an appliance expert just to make a good choice, and luckily you can ask us! We know the appliance market, we know what works well and what keeps breaking down.

You don’t even need to go to a shop! Once you’ve chosen your appliance we can manage purchase and delivery for you. Easy.

One more thing – sometimes other tradespeople need advice on appliance selection and we’re happy to help them too.

Taking care of your gas appliances

Gas appliances are subject to wear and tear, and regular servicing will make them last longer and work better for you. We can:

  • Provide regular servicing for your appliances
  • Make sure your gas system is leak free and working efficiently
  • Tell you if an appliance is nearing the end of its working life, so you can prepare for replacement.
  • Put you in our reminder system for yearly service checks. Then it’s our job to remember to call you!

Gas hob working better after 11 years

In 2006 we installed a lovely F&P iridium steel gas hob in our new kitchen. However I was disappointed with its actual cooking performance:

  • All burners had heat hotter on one side than the other.
  • The temperature adjustment knobs had a 90 degree swing on them, but all the adjustment happened in the last 30 degrees so fine control was difficult.
  • The wok burner flame was insipid.

I called the F&P man back. He checked the hob and said it was correctly installed. At a loss, I learned to live with it. It wasn’t so bad!

11 years later Tamaiti visited my place for some other work and I asked him about it. He looked, listened and thought. He tinkered, tried some things. We agreed the appliance probably wasn’t ideal for my particular home gas supply and pressure.

However he adjusted the gas pressure up as far as he could without making the full-on flame too fierce, and it’s 90 percent better.
All because he took time to listen and apply considerable intelligence to come up with a solution. Love 4CET! ~ Maddy, Newlands

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