Ready to renovate your kitchen? Doing up the busiest room in your house is often simpler than you think but it still needs careful planning.

Who needs to be involved?

Kitchen renovations can require input from a long list of tradespeople. Who do you need?

  • Builder
  • Electrician
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Benchtop installer
  • Floorer
  • Tiler
  • Plasterer
  • Painter
  • Architect or draughtsperson

Now if steam is starting to come out of your ears, please relax. We can help you work out who needs to be on your team. We’ve got this!

We can scope out your whole kitchen renovation from scratch, including all the sub-trade work. So you just ask us and we take care of it.

On the other hand if you’ve already got other sub-trades people you want to use we’re happy to work with them. The more good people we add to our network, the more we can be sure you get the best sub trades in town for your work.

Kitchen plumbing basics

Without going into too much detail, kitchen plumbing happens in three stages:

Decommission and demolition: we come in and decommission the fixtures and appliances. We cap off any associated pipe work and get your water back on. We can even price to demolish if you want!

Pre-pipe: Without going into too much detail, this means we modify and install pipes – in the wall or under the floor – which supply your kitchen fixtures and appliances. We can also remove any which aren’t needed. If building consent applies to your job you’ll need Council signoff to proceed further.

Fit-off and finishing: floors and walls are covered and finished, and then we install fixtures and appliances as required. Council inspectors may need to inspect this part too.

Kitchen problem solved

Darren and Amanda upgraded their kitchen and also built some new walls and ceilings. When they got started the problem was there were water pipes in the way of the proposed new structures.

If we’d disconnected these pipes the family would have been without hot and cold water for several weeks. Instead we modified them to a temporarily while the kitchen cabinetry and the walls and ceilings were built. At the same time we put in a water feed for the new fridge’s built in water filter and icemaker.

Once other parts of the renovation were further advanced we visited again. This time we decommissioned the old kitchen services, and did the pre-pipe stage for the new kitchen. Then when the flooring and new cabinetry were in place we came back to fit the new kitchen sink, taps, fridge and dishwasher.

Darren and Amanda love their new kitchen and are very happy with our work.

“Would thoroughly recommend these guys. Very pleasant, did a great job. 🙂 Very easy to deal with and coped when our plans changed due to another tradesperson.” – Amanda

Waiting time

You might be surprised how long you need to wait before we can do your job. It could be a week or three, a couple of months, or very occasionally even longer.

It’s not just about our availability. All of your tradespeople need to be available at the right time to get your job with minimal disruption to you. The last thing you want is a two week wait with a half done kitchen!

Simple job, or not so simple?

Imagine you want to remove a wall from your kitchen to open it up to the lounge. Simple huh?

What’s in that wall? Maybe not just your water pipes. Think about insulation, electrical wiring and data cabling, and whether the wall is holding up something heavy. If it is, you may need a builder and/or an engineer’s help to get the result you want.

A classic example of a surprisingly complex job is when you want to install a kitchen island with a sink and waste disposal. Suddenly you need new hot and cold water pipes, waste water and power. It gets more interesting when the house sits on a concrete slab or has limited under-floor access.

Just remember everything is possible, and we can very likely find a way to get you what you want.

Kitchen job done at short notice

Really good guy. Explained what was going on clearly with pros and cons of each option, friendly, professional, prompt and just got the job done. I gave him a late notice for a job but he still came out because he knew we had been out of a kitchen for a while (not his fault at all) and made sure we had a kitchen for the weekend. I have got no reason to use any other plumbers. Champ. ~ Joshua

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