Small plumbing jobs can be a lot of back and forth. We like easy so how about six simple steps to get your small plumbing jobs done?

  • Give us a call, we will discuss your problem and guide you on how you can help us do your job faster.
  • Send us photos (if possible) of the issue or fault, along with your contact details. This helps us understand what you need.
  • Answer the phone when we call you, and don’t worry we know what questions to ask. Chances are we won’t quote, because quoting can take as long as the job itself.
  • Talk through the cost for the work with us so we can agree on the price then and there.
  • Make a time for us to visit your place. We’ll give you a courtesy call 30 to 60 minutes before we come so you don’t have to wait for us all day.
  • Open the door when we knock!

We’ll turn up with everything we think we need for the job already on hand, and get your job done.

Shower mixer quick fix

We got a call about an old style shower mixer where the hot water had stopped working. It was the classic old Topliss type, made in Nelson NZ since the early 70’s.They’re a New Zealand shower icon!

We asked the client to email some photos. Once we saw the mixer and hot water cylinder we straight away got a new mixer, went to the house and installed it. Took no time at all.

The new mixer was actually faulty so we came back with another one, swapped it out and returned the faulty mixer to our supplier. All free of charge to our client.

Fix leaks early

Leaking pipes can cause massive amounts of damage to your house or property. If you’ve got damp or wet showing up where you don’t expect it, give us a call before it causes serious damage. A leak will never fix itself.

The tighter you have to turn the tap to stop the dripping, the more likely you’re going to need an emergency callout later. Emergency callouts are expensive, so let’s fix that tap.

Beyond this, water shortages and restrictions are happening more often, so fixing your leaks helps conserve water for the greater Wellington region.

Make friends with your water toby

You just burst a pipe and there’s water gushing everywhere. If only you knew how to turn it off!

  • Know where your water toby is on your property. If you can’t find it we can!
  • Turn your toby on and off regularly to make sure it works well.
  • Never over-tighten a toby! If you could snap it off or break the internals and then you can’t turn it back on.

You don’t want to be hunting for the toby at 2am in the morning when your bathroom is flooding and there’s a southerly howling outside.

How to minimise water damage from a leak

First turn off your toby. Then drain the water from your pipes by a) turning on an outside hose tap and b) turning on the lowest hot tap in your house. Leave the taps on full if possible so if your toby doesn’t turn off completely, water will run outside or into a sink, and minimise damage at the leak site.

Know where your drain inspection openings are

If one of your sewers blocks up the first thing we need to know is where your drain inspection openings are. They can be hard to find so it’s worth knowing this in advance.

Your drain inspection openings are marked on both Council or ‘as built’ drainage plans. You can ask the Council for a copy of their plans for your place, or your architect may have a copy if your house is new.

Just make sure you put this information somewhere you can find it!

Odd jobs sorted

Tamaiti was friendly and knowledgeable and got the job done to a great standard. I had a number of odd jobs that had been building up, some of which took a bit of analysis to work out the best approach. Tamaiti was speedy in his diagnosis and helpful in explaining the answers to our plumbing issues. Highly recommended, would certainly have him over for all future plumbing problems. ~ Mike

10 out of 10

I would give these guys 10 out of 10. Tamaiti has given advice, done whatever asked and completed all tasks to a high standard. I have no hesitation on my utmost confidence on recommending him to give a personal and proud response to all work undertaken. I will definitely recommend him to use the honest approach in all work undertaken. One of the team cheers guys my highest recommendation goes to him. ~ Colin, Seaview Truck Wash.

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