When people think ‘plumber’ they often think ‘pipes’. However plumbers are also fully trained to repair roofing, flashings and guttering.

While we don’t do new roofs, their maintenance requires a different set of skills and that’s where we come in. We can:

  • Find and fix leaks in your roof, flashings or guttering
  • Clean, maintain or repair your guttering and downpipes.

Whatever your need to keep water where it’s supposed to be, we can help. Just give us a call.

Staying on top of the roof

One of our repeat clients called us about a roof leak. It only took a quick assessment to find the source; a corroded penetration in the roof around a gas hot water flue pipe.

We discussed two options. Short term we could apply silicone to get through the winter months, or long term we could install a new flashing from the ridge to the gutter (best practice).

Our client decided to go for the long term solution. We took measurements, got the new flashing made on the same day, and installed it the next day.

While we were looking for the leak, we noticed some other things happening on the roof and showed our client what was going on. Come next summer the roof will be re-screwed and repainted, and will last for at least another 10-15 years.

Flooding fixed professionally

I had an overflow at a down pipe from my roof guttering and some flooding on my lawn. When Tamaiti investigated this problem he picked up all the faults and issues with this problem and gave me a good explanation so I could understand the problem and remedied the problem quickly and professionally. Keeping me up to date with pricing and when he would be working on the property. ~ Barb

Complicated job done skillfully

I was impressed and very pleased with the work done by 4CET Plumbing and Gas. I needed some work done on the roof quite quickly. Tamaiti was able to come round the next day. It was a small job but complicated. Tamaiti was very helpful providing options to solve the problem. He was very easy to communicate with, did the job within the timeframe I required and his work was skilled and very tidy. I will definitely be contacting him next time I need plumbing work done. ~ Liz

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